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Hello, yes I am still alive.  A lot has been going on with me.  compter crashed lost all my notes and ideas,  forgot to get back to adultfanfiction about my account, found a job lost a job had surgery, bouts of illness since the surgery, and of course my muse and the people that agreed to be my beta went awol.  I think I am going to drop or rewrite a lot of my fics though I am not sure which ones yet. I do know that I will continue Weasleys and the Wid Haired Witch. other than that we will see.



AN:// written for femslash100 fix
League of Extraordinary  Gentlemen Belongs to Alan Moore, 20th Century Fox, Van Helsing belongs to Stephen Sommers Universal Studios etc etc I own nothing, no infringement is intended
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Dirigible Reflections

response to femslash100 balanace. I do not own the mummy returns, steven sommers and a whole bunch of other people do, No infringment is intended

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In your eyes

AN:// response to femslash100 balance. The Femme Nikita belongs to joel Surnow, usa network and whomever else lays claim, no infringment intended

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Doyle and Andromeda

response to femslash100 balance
Andromeda belongs to the estate of Gene Roddenbury, and whomever else can say they own it no infringment is intended

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Being in Thrall

response to drabletag4  Fleur/Hermione Thrall
the usual disclaimers apply, jk rowling, Warner brothers, blah blah, no infringement intended

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My Bonnie lies over the ocean

sequel to Captin's daughter
response to ocean prompt

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Final Destination

response to femslash100  prompt 13 in the end and  121 Seduce.
warning spoilers from the season finale of revenge read at your own risk
AU  relationship between Lidia and Victoria
I do not own anything recognizable Mike Kelly does no infringement is intended

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Pink Smudges

inspired by buffy drabble tag 4 challenge, Cordelia and Buffy Lipstick. response to the  # 136 pink prompt

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